Get Engaged on Facebook (or 5 tips for Facebook Engagement)

“They “like” me … they really “like” me!” That’s what we want to hear you singing at the boardroom table or on your way to the bank. According to HubSpot’s social media strategists, a whopping 42% of marketers consider Facebook a fundamental part of their marketing strategy. That means that if you’re looking to advertise but aren’t finding your sweet spot with your Facebook ads or fan page posts, then you’re missing out on an opportunity to converse, connect and cash in.

Fret not, here are 5 tips on how to maximize the effectiveness of your social media campaign on Facebook:

1. Don’t be a used car salesman.

There’s nothing that repels Facebook users more than the “oversell.” If you’re hitting your target market over the head with over-enthusiastic “BUY NOW OR MISS OUT” messages, the only one who will be missing out is you. There’s a time and a place for blatant ad copy. Facebook is a platform for relationship-building. If your content is interesting, relevant and entertaining, you’ll build your brand and business will follow. Showing a genuine interest in your fans will get you a lot further than superficiality and a twinkling smile.

2. Picture perfect. 

As much as it pains bizbuz PR’s wordsmiths to admit it, when it comes to Facebook engagement, photos rule over all. Here’s a look at the numbers: photos on Facebook pages receive 53% more “likes” than the average text-only post and posts with photos earn a staggering 104% more comments. Visually, photos occupy more space in the news feed and are more effective at capturing a user’s attention than text-only posts. If you select an impactful, bold or clever image to convey your message, your followers will be more likely to share the photo with their friends. The more exposure you get the better, so get creative and research what sort of imagery will make your fans tick … and click.

3. Cheez whiz adds personality.

Being corporate and professional doesn’t – or at least shouldn’t – mean being dull and humourless. If you have a personality, here’s your chance to let it shine. If you don’t, you’ll have to fake it until you make it or have the wherewithal to hire someone who can be the cool kid on the Facebook block for you. Facebook fan pages and ads are an opportunity to find your voice, play with words and integrate images that speak volumes to your target market. Your mission is to relate to your community. In that vein, perhaps your fiercest weapon is comedy. If you can make users laugh or at least smirk, they’re much more likely to “like,” share, and comment on your post.

4. Let the games begin.

If you want a competitive edge, throw a contest into the mix. Facebook contests have the potential to bring heavy duty traffic and activity to your Facebook page. Once you’ve come up with a prize that will capture  your target market’s attention, you can set the terms to your advantage. For instance, to be eligible to win, tell users they must sign up for your email list, “like” your page, share the post on their Facebook wall, or showcase the contest as their Facebook photo. If you have a new product or service to offer, a contest is your chance to effectively debut it.

5. Your social net worth.

If your Facebook fan page is in its infancy or has stunted growth due to a lack of Facebook user love (or “like”), you may need a jump start. To get the ball rolling, you can upload an email contact list and invite your friends and business contacts to “like” your fan page. People who know you or are familiar with your business are “warm contacts.” That means that they are exponentially more likely than strangers to engage with your fan page by commenting, “liking,” and sharing your posts, at least initially. Your window of opportunity is slim, so act fast. This option is only available to Facebook pages with less than 4,999 “likes.” Once you’ve added some padding to your fan base, with a savvy social media strategy you can then work on kick-starting a snowball effect.

Oh, to be “liked” again …

With over a billion active users, there’s a world of marketing potential at your fingertips. With practice, patience, persistence, and the right strategy, you’ll be well on your way to engaging and building relationships with your target audience. At the risk of making you feel like you’re off to your first day at school, good luck making friends … and keeping them. Go get em’!

Oh, and if you’d “like” to leave the Facebook trending to an expert, we’d be happy to help build your fan base and make you the social butterfly you’ve always wanted to be … so be in touch!