A Tagline is Forever: Writing Effective Taglines

Is your Tagline Trash or Treasure? 

Call it a tagline, call it a slogan, call it successful as long as you can re-call it. Writing effective taglines can keep your brand fresh on the brain of your target market. Sometimes a genius tagline just comes to you. If you aren’t lucky enough to have an “aha” moment […]

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Business Etiquette 101: The Handshake

Your Handshake Can Give You A Hand Up

For too many, business etiquette is a lost art. Before you can land your dream job, attract a lucrative client, or reach an ambitious landmark, you’ll have to master the handshake. More than a formal greeting, handshakes tell a story about who you […]

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5 Tips for Facebook Engagement

Get Engaged on Facebook (or 5 tips for Facebook Engagement)

“They “like” me … they really “like” me!” That’s what we want to hear you singing at the boardroom table or on your way to the bank. According to HubSpot’s social media strategists, a whopping 42% of marketers consider Facebook a fundamental part of their marketing strategy. […]

Blogging 101

Are you interesting? Getting rid of the “blogging blues.”

If you find yourself drowning your “my blog’s a bust” sorrows in a pint of Haagen Dazs (no judgment here) or whatever’s on tap at the nearest dive bar, don’t fret. Here are 5 must-implement tips on how to make sure your blog is […]