Are you interesting? Getting rid of the “blogging blues.”

If you find yourself drowning your “my blog’s a bust” sorrows in a pint of Haagen Dazs (no judgment here) or whatever’s on tap at the nearest dive bar, don’t fret. Here are 5 must-implement tips on how to make sure your blog is attention-grabbing, not snooze-worthy:

1. Identify your audience. “Spray and pray” tactics don’t work. Posts written to appeal to everyone are posts no one will take the time to read. Once you’ve identified exactly know who you’re talking to, you can customize your content to pique their attention. What are your target market’s needs, challenges, and interests? Keep those in mind when selecting the topic and tone of your next blog post.

2. Get to the point. In a saturated blogosphere ripe with short attention spans, you have to make your point and fast. Don’t wait until the end of your blog post to share your key message. Tell your readers what you’re going to tell them and why it’s important for them to know. Once they’re hooked on the relevance of your message, you’ve bought yourself some time to drive it home.

3. Let’s get visual.
Words are powerful, but we’re visual creatures. Increase reader engagement by making sure each blog post is paired with pictures that tie into your content and make an impact. If you can learn how to tell stories with relevant photos and videos, you’ll be well on your way to an attention-worthy blog.

4. Goodbye stiff upper-lip. A blog is a conversation on paper. Read: not the place for academic or formal writing. You speak casually and – when it comes to blogging – you ought to write that way. But, and we emphasize this point, a conversational tone is no excuse for poor grammar and punctuation. You’ll be sending a message loud and clear that you don’t care, and neither will your readers.

5. Offer a solution.
If you’re blogging about a problem or issue, offer a solution or call to action. How can your company make the reader’s life easier or more interesting? The blog isn’t a direct sales pitch but you should make it seamless for readers to act on the issue you’ve laid out. Make sure every blog post links back to your contact page or a description of your products and services.

So there you have it folks, hope is not lost. Give these tips a go and who knows, you just may succeed in engaging your target audience.

Happy blogging!

Oh, and if you’d rather leave the blogging to an expert, we’re happy to oblige. Be in touch!

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