Getting it “Just Right”: Our Process

pigs6To tell your story, we need to know who you are. Whether we’re developing your marketing materials or managing your social media campaign, our process is the same. We begin by learning about who you are, the products and services you offer, and what differentiates you from your competitors. Understanding your industry, determining what your top competitors are doing right, and identifying your target market are also crucial pieces of the puzzle. Armed with this information, the Bizbuz PR team can capture the essence of who you are and pinpoint the strategy that will get results.


A Team You Can Trust: Our Values

owl in glasses2Any writer worth their salt knows what they know, what they don’t know and when to ask. In addition to conducting research about your industry, we understand that you know your business best. Our team isn’t afraid to ask you the questions necessary to get the answers we need to do the job, and do it right. The success of our business can be attributed to our commitment to our core values.

Here’s what you can expect if you choose to build a relationship with us:


Throughout the process, we ensure that you’re on board with the direction we’re taking to make your project or campaign a success. When you’re happy, we’re happy. That’s why we appreciate and integrate your feedback.


We’re committed to consistently producing the same quality results and meeting or exceeding your expectations. You can depend on our team to meet your tight deadlines, without fail.


At Bizbuz PR, we love to create and strive for excellence in all that we do. You can trust that our team will go the extra mile to ensure that your company stands out for all the right reasons.


Never worked with us before? We know what value we bring to the table.

But don't take our word for it. Our clients speak for themselves.