Behind Bizbuz PR: the Queen Bee

rachel_groskopf_300x200Some women love diamonds. Others prefer pearls. Oddly, some take pleasure in words beautifully strung together and wrapped with just the right bow. Fortunately for her bank account and your success, Rachel is one of those women.

After working in various marketing and communications departments in Toronto and New York, Rachel founded Bizbuz PR with a vision of helping clients find the right words to tell their stories. She has completed work for a range of clientele, from budding entrepreneurs and starts ups to well-established companies and non-profit organizations.

Whether she’s ghost-blogging for a corporate executive, managing a company’s social media platforms or editing a great book or movie treatment, Rachel is passionate about delivering exceptional work. With an undergraduate degree in Media and the Public Interest from the University of Western Ontario, and a Seneca College post-graduate degree in Corporate Communications and Public Relations, she has  the skills necessary to make your marketing campaign a success.

When this wordsmith isn’t crafting prose, brainstorming, or pitching to the media, Rachel is putting her passport to good use or earning her “Soup Queen” title by whipping up something savoury for her nearest and dearest.

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